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What is a Vendortainer?

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More than a vendor, a VENDORTAINER is a combination of a vendor and an entertainer.

Boost your festival or event with a unique, enjoyable, and educational program.

In addition to selling my books as a traditional vendor, I can enrich your entertainment lineup with a variety of highly engaging and entertaining pirate presentations.

Each performance is customized to fit your festival’s theme and time allotments.

Shows can be delivered on stage or anywhere you desire, with or without a microphone, to any size audience. I’m highly flexible.

The extended presentations (30 minutes or longer) generally are accompanied by an engaging PowerPoint show, which requires a projector and screen.

Author Skull and Crossbones_edited_edite

Five Minute Pirate Facts

Author Skull and Crossbones_edited_edite

Fifteen or Twenty-Five Minute Talk about Pirate Subjects

Author Skull and Crossbones_edited_edite

Thirty-Five or Forty-Five Minute Lecture/Performance  

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